Hi, I am S. Karan.

Are you bewildered by the advance of technology? Do you find self-made gurus on the world wide web, so clued in to the technology world, that they make you feel grossly inadequate? Well, join the club.

Technology is ubiquitous in today’s world. As a not very tech savvy person, I am worried about the constant intrusion of technology in my daily life and wonder how to deal with it. I have tried many ways to keep abreast with relentless march of technology. But, I found out that, the more I read about the latest developments, the more difficult it was for me to make sense of it. Then I had that aha! moment. I realised that I had been concentrating on the leaves, rather than the trunk of the tree, as Elon Musk would say.

I decided, I had to take the problem head on. To begin at the beginning. I understand the why of technology more than the what or how of technology. A history of technology as it were. To get a real understanding of the current technologies, I believe we have to gain knowledge of how it all began and evolved. That I guess would put today’s technology in perspective. Hence, I decided to read as much as possible about the origins and history of technology (by technology I mean information and internet technologies) and how it has evolved. I am curating content in this blog with my own points of view thrown in, for tech-novices who are otherwise very bright people. Hope this helps.